We now offer a pick your own service straight from our plantation. Nothing better than you and your  family being able to share the experience of  choosing from many hundreds of superb christmas trees in idylic surroundings. Once you have chosen your tree our expert staff will cut the tree for you and transport it to your car after being netted.

This is the best way of ensuring your tree is fresh and having fun choosing the tree as a family.

We also have a selection of NORWAY SPRUCE XMAS TREES 5ft - 7ft only £19.50  and a selection of NORTH AMERICAN LODGE POLE PINES 6ft - 7ft only £45.00. See our front page for pictures.

This new pick your own service will be available from Saturday 28th November to Monday 21st December 2020. From 9am - 4pm. Retail sales only.

To approach the farm drive to the very bottom of Manor Road and when you run out of tarmac turn left onto a single track lane and head for the wooden gate. Theres is tarmacced parking beyond this gate. If you get lost ring Julian on 07582 836557